A gift that gives back

This holiday season, give a gift that makes a difference. Choose a Redkite e-card to

send your festive wishes and make a real impact in the lives of families facing

childhood cancer.

Here's how it works

Purchase an e-card that makes an impact for families facing childhood cancer.

Fundraising step 1

Select your e-card design and the amount you’d like to donate

Fundraising step 2

Personalise your card

Fundraising step 3

Send your e-card and share the festive spirit!

A gift that makes a huge difference

Whether it’s a last minute gift, or your annual holiday card list, by sending a Redkite e-card, you will be helping thousands of Australians
who need access to critical support services this holiday season. Your support can help:

Pay a phone bill, connecting families in hospital to their loved ones at home

Help pay for a special family meal together, that families wouldn’t have been able to otherwise afford

Put fuel in the tank, helping families see each other face-to-face during the holidays

Can help provide counselling sessions, so parents have someone to talk to.


I work for a corporate organisation, can I send cards in bulk?

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Yes you can! Please contact corporate@redkite.org.au to arrange a bulk purchase