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How it works

“Having experienced Christmas with a child going through cancer treatment, we know how difficult this time of year is. The usual stresses and costs can be too much to cope with. At Christmas, Redkite was there, providing support” - Debie and Matthew, parents.

Every day in Australia, 3 families will be told ‘your child has cancer’ and in that moment their entire world is turned upside down. Throughout the holiday season families will continue to find out this devastating news every single day, making it an incredibly challenging time of year.

By purchasing a Redkite e-card, you will be able to help alleviate the additional stress and cost associated with cancer. You can help pay a phone bill, connect families in hospital to their loved ones at home. You can put fuel in the tank to help families see each other face-to-face during the holidays or pay for them to have a special meal together. You can also help rural and remote families cover the cost of accommodation near the hospital, when they have to travel so far for treatment.

The donation from your e-card will be put to immediate use providing support for families experiencing childhood cancer.