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I’m fundraising to support families facing childhood cancer

I’ve created this page because I want to make a difference. I’m inspired by the work that Redkite does and wanted to support them by raising funds through my event.

Help them by donating to my page through the donate button now! or by reading the book  I published on Amazon Kindle. " The Enemy Inside the Ally" to raise funds for families facing childhood cancer. Please use the link below to read the book.


The more people who support Redkite enable them to support more children and families, so please donate and share my page with your friends and family! Thank you for your generous support, it means a lot!




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The Enemy Inside the Ally by Ditni Pannipitiya

Tuesday 3rd May

The explanation everyone wants

There have recently been sightings showing up around the world, peculiar sightings. Specifically, criminals, and the worst thing is the fact we’re not talking about a jail escape. We’re talking unfathomable mass murders, thirty to forty people deleted in less than twenty seconds with no traces of the killer left behind. All federal bureaus have been rendered useless. What we would call Armageddon is approaching. The global count has recorded 57 of these terrible incidents which have killed 2109 people. But what no one knows is that a child gang all the way in Australia is planning a way to resolve this mystery.

And how do I know what no one knows? Well, that’s confidential, all I can tell you now is that I’m part of the Sticky Fingers Gang. Why has a group of children who aren’t even in their teenage years decided to unravel the case that even the Federal Bureau of Investigation can’t understand? People keep underestimating us children who want to do what was once thought to be impossible. Our gang? We want to find the explanation everyone wants. Including you, let’s begin from the start, the very start.

The enemy inside the ally by Ditni Pannipitiya

Tuesday 3rd May
Dear Friends,
I have started a fundraiser 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Himali Hadungoda

Well done Ditni. Keep up your good work


Wathsala Ranawaka

Very impressive Proud of you darling


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Rangika Vitharana

Good work Ditni



Well done Ditni.. keep it up good work


Mal Perera



Well done Ditni . Proud of you :-


Vinuki Rowel

Great Job Ditni. So proud of you!


Ditni Pannipitiya

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