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Kids (Or anyone) should not suffer from cancer!

Help us spread the word that Rapunzel (aka Skyla) will be cutting her long, long,  LONG locks on the 5th March to raise funds in conjunction with Redkite, to help make a difference to these kids.

Any donation is appreciated, just $1 can help towards the goal - but most important please share this message with your friends, family, colleagues and even the local grocer. 

As we have all been touched in some way by Cancer and the war is still on to save our kids.

Go on, show your legendary status – share this page and donate anything big or small - just $1 each can make a difference.

Thank you so much, this is appreciated more than you know.

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Today’s the day!!

Saturday 5th Mar
Ok. Bear with me, this could be a long post. 

Today, we have made a change in the world. 

Thank you, to all of you that shared and donated funds towards a wonderful organisation- Redkite. 

Sky has managed to raise over $4,700.00, and  that 100% of these proceeds goes to RedKite. 

Sky woke up very excited to cut her hair, and as the day went on the nerves kicked in. 

We went on about our day, visited the school market, and meet some families that have seen first hand, how wonderful Redkite has been. These families and been through a lot, and how they thanked Sky for support and awareness towards Redkite, was very touching. (Yes, a few tears were shed) it was so beautiful that we could see, how this organisation has helped these special families. 

Walking into the hairdressers (Koh Elwood) was daunting, however Sky’s resilience to continue was inspirational. 

As she sat in the chair, having her long locks brushed, we talked about how long it has been and how are we going to adjust to short hair. 

Her hair was then bundled into sections and tired off. (at this stage, I was getting quite emotional, and with the offer of a drink, how could I not resist) 

With the first cut, the tears flowed, not only by Sky but myself, the hairdresser and everyone else in the salon. It was a moment of sadness and joy at the same time, a moment of just how proud we are of such a young girl doing something, not for herself but for families in need. 

Anyway, I am trying not drag this on. (Adam is like -make it short and sweet) 

So with that, Sky was able to cut off over 55cm of hair

The hair!!

Thursday 3rd Mar
This is what where cutting off

4 More days!!

Tuesday 1st Mar
4 more days, until the Big Chop!! 
Skyla’s is super excited about the generosity of all you beautiful people!! 

She has exceeded all expectations and raising over $4,500 for Redkite!! 

Skyla wanted me to post a few photos of her long hair - however due to my OCD it’s been in braids for a Very Very long time. 

You’ll get the picture of the length through theses photos. 

Anyway. Thanks again beautiful people. 

We still have 4 more days, so keep sharing her link. Every cent raised goes directly to RedKite. 


Tuesday 22nd Feb
Well, What can we say. 

It have Hit over our Target!!!

It is amazing that you all have donated so much, but the fight is not over.

So, let band together and show just how much more support we can offer, Please share our link to Friend and colleagues. 

 Every little bit helps this amazing organisation. 

Redkite has help many families, that have been touch by Childhood Cancer. Their support to these families has made the process a little easier. These families are able to solely focus on the issues at hand, and not having to worry about the mental or financial stress that is often associated with this disease. 

WOW Thank you

Thursday 17th Feb
Hi All. 

I just wanted to thank you all for your donations, Skyla has hit her goal of $800.00 so we have raised the bar to $1,500.00.
I know she can do it - Its for and amazing cause. 

Please if you have not already donated, just think about how much it will help families in need. If your not in the position to donate that's ok, you can still do your bit by sharing this link. 

Thanks Guys n Girls


Thank you to my Sponsors




Cherry De Crespigny

Well done Skyla! Such a worthy cause and your new doo looks fabulous! X


Rosy Small Business Services


Kpc Plumbing And Drainage

Well done such a great effort for a fantastic cause!!!


Mark & Mandi

Well done Skyla!!


Wendy O'grady

Well done Skyla


Uncle Paul, Auntie Lisa, Chloe & Chase

You’re doing an amazing thing for a great cause Skyla. We’re very proud of you!


Lainee Hooper

Well done on such a wonderful time achievement Skyla! This is a wonderful cause Lainee xx


Analisa Malone

You’re amazing Skyla


Jesse Jones

This donation is from Jesse Jones 4J


Anika O'connell

Good on you Skyla! 💜


George Babatsias

Skyla your an absolute champion


Tammie Wood

What a fantastic thing to do Skyla, I love you heaps xx


Lauren Thomson

Good on you Skyla xxx



Good on you Skyla ! Well done xx


Helena Lee

What a great job you are doing.


Josh Margrie

We are so proud of you Skyla, this is a wonderful cause and something that is very close to Sophia’s heart. Well done!


Sarah Godlee

Such a great cause Skyla. Well done!


Steph Mcnaughton

Very proud to support this charitable cause and even prouder to support the little rockstar behind it. Well done Skyla - you’re making a change to this world and to those who need it most. Look forward to the Chop , which being your mothers daughter, you will rock. 💪


Charlie Mannings


Miles Williamson

Good Luck Skyla and good on you, from Miles Williamson (4C)


Trish Bonciani

So proud of you Skyla. Such a beautiful gesture.


Notorious D.i.g Excavations


Ashley Pollard

Great cause and well done supporting kids with cancer!!




Madelene Lichtman - Grade One


Sally Pollard


Kirk And Ritchie

Well done Sky


Jamie Hoyne

Awesome work Skyla, get your dad to shave his off too 😂👍


Tim & Jodi

Amazing and thoughtful cause Sky, much respect😘


Dylan Dickeson



Well done Skyla. You are inspiring


Mel Derepas

Well done Skyla. I used to work for Redkite and it is such a worthy nonprofit organisation to support.


Luke Spring

Ripper effort Skyla!






The Barys

Woohoo! Go Skyla! You’re an absolute star.


Lana And Jesse Rosenfeld

Go Skyla!! What an amazing achievement and an incredible cause!


The Van Der Sluys

Well Done Skyla, what a great achievement!



Great job!


Chris Babatsias

Well done skyla


Ed Cook

Good luck raising money for this worthy cause Skyla.


Kade Mckinley Prep J

Inspirational 🙏


Deborah (an Elwood Primary Mum)

Well done Skyla, I can imagine it will be hard to cut your hair; you are a wonderful, kind girl.


Tigerlily Michael Klei

Good luck and well done. From Tigerlily Class 1C


Indie Kelevitz Elwood Primary 6l

Well done skyla!


Keighly Collins


Gin Carpenter

So proud of you Skyla. You will look gorgeous with short hair ❤️


Valerie Wood


Multifield Property Group

Well done Skyla. Great effort.


Portia Kilicci

Well done Skyla 💜💖 We are all very proud of you. From Portia and family X Go Skyla


Kazman Sieger

Amazing effort!


Bec & Luna

Great work Sky!



Amazing work Skyla! You are an inspiration.


David Dodds


Itchy, Sam And Charlie Xxx


Frank & Barb Wishart

Sky we are very proud of you.


A&a Wood

Both your Father and myself are Very Proud of you Sky. You have a heart of Gold.


Karo Charlton

Proud of you Sky ♥️


Sarah Tupper





Macard Built

Superstar kid...well done




The Evans’s

Well done Sky, we are so proud of you sweetie!








Rob & Rachel Krivanek

Well done Skyla!! An amazing selfless thing to do.


Andrew Cope

Hi very thoughtful of you to raise money for this awful illness........mum and dad must be very proud. Copey xo


K + N

What a little legend!



Way to Go, Skyla!!


Bev Bobbitt

What an absolutely beautiful gesture Skyla. I’m sure you’re going to look gorgeous with short hair. Good luck luv xx


Abigail Gordon

Skyla - you’re such an inspiration. All our love .


Kate, Daniel, Olivia, Ruby And Jade

Good on you Skyla such a great fundraiser Can’t wait to see it xx


Colleen & Stephen King

Well done Skyla, you should be very proud of yourself ♥️


Amy Cadusch

Amazing work Skyla! From Kai, Remy, Amy and Jed


Di Benedetto

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