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Childhood cancer is a crisis, but this year it’s been catastrophic. 

These are the words used by a nurse working with families in the cancer ward at one of our busiest partner hospitals.

Every day we are seeing families at breaking point. Lockdowns may be easing but in hospitals nothing has changed. Demand for Redkite services has exploded, as we’ve scrambled to provide additional mental health and emotional support to parents doing their best to care for and protect their sick child through a pandemic. But the crisis is not over yet.

After a year of cancelled fundraising events, Redkite's Beyond 24 Crisis Appeal will raise critical funding to ensure families receive the emotional, financial and mental health support they need to weather the tough months ahead.

We’ve stepped up, because cancer doesn’t pause for anything.

And we’re asking you to step up with us. 

Please donate now.

Stories from the frontlines of the childhood cancer crisis.

Headline Sponsor

This year, BOC has come on board as the Headline Sponsor of Redkite's Beyond 24 Crisis Appeal which aims to raise critial funds for families who are facing a childhood cancer crisis so they have access to the critial emotional, financial and mental health support they need.

Since becoming Redkite’s first corporate sponsor, BOC has helped Redkite grow into a leading provider of essential support services for children with cancer and their families – from the moment of diagnosis, during treatment and beyond.

A subsidiary of Linde plc, BOC supplies the most comprehensive range of industrial, medical and specialty gases, associated products and services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The company develops safe, sustainable and innovative solutions for customers in many specialty sectors, heavy industry and medical environments.

As a leader in corporate social responsibility, BOC is proud to be partnering with Redkite for their national Beyond 24 Crisis Appeal.

Find out more about BOC