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Donating in memory of your loved one is a special way to remember them, below are some frequently asked questions about donating in memory

Am I able to become a regular giver in memory of my loved one?

Yes, you are able to make both a single or recurring online donation in memory of your loved one. Please use our Donate page to set up your regular gift.

What is a donation in lieu?

Sometimes, families will elect to include a message in the funeral notice to notify guests of their wishes to receive in memorium support in lieu of flowers or gifts. Donations in memory can be made to Redkite to honor a loved ones passing. Please contact our team for assistance in coordinating your in memory donations at or 1800 733 548

How do you fundraise in memory?

There are several ways that Redkite can support you in fundraising in memory for your loved one. You can be as creative as you like. It may be a favourite activity that your loved one enjoyed or one that reminds you of them. Redkite is here to make your special rememberance fundraiser a reality. Talk to our team today on 1800 733 548 or email for assistance