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Fundraising through celebration is a very unique and incredible way to support your favourite charity, let us clear some things up for you with these frequently asked questions 

How do I tell my friends and family that we don't want gifts?

"Dear friend for my [event] I have a little task,

instead of gifts I have decided to ask

that you support a cause I hold very dear,

and send them some money, at this time of year"

There is no right or wrong way to ask for donations instead of gifts, you can be as straight to the point or creative as you like. Go with your gut, your personal style and whatever you feel most comfortable with to let your family and friends know that it's your wish that they support Redkite for your special day

How do we organise to donate in celebration?

Donating to Redkite in celebration is really simple! Click on the register now button to create your fundraising page. You can then share this link with your family and friends along with your message of giving to run your in celebration fundraising event

Can I fundraise with Facebook?

Yes you can! Redkite is a selectable charity when starting a facebook fundraiser. Once you've logged into your facebook account, navigate to the "Fundraisers" section and click on "Raise Money". Select 'charity' from the options and then search for "redkite".

All funds come to Redkite through the Paypal Giving Fund so rest assured your Facebook In Celebration event will make a world of difference